Skeeter Bonus Bucks 2011

It’s official, Steve Parker has won the Skeeter Bonus Bucks for 2011 with 381 points. Graham Franklin (360 points) was in second and Bill Schloss (279 points) in third. Bonus Bucks winner Parker doubled his winnings to $4000 courtesy of running an E-Tec on his Skeeter. Click here for full results.

Rapala X-Rap Pop

Big poppin’, Big splashin’, Big smashin’. The Rapala X-Rap Pop brings X-Rap attitude to topwater. The arched body shape sets this lure up for a large kerplunk-pop and splash with every snap, even the slightest tug and the X-Pop comes to life! The aerodynamic shape of this lure enable a super-long cast and a gold … Continue reading Rapala X-Rap Pop

Rapala Tactical Bag

The ultimate in travel accessories, Rapala’s Tactical Bag, ideal for extended trips on foot.   This daypack comes with an attachable chest pack that can be connected or disconnected as you see fit, allowing ease-of-access to the items needed on a regular basis, whilst keeping the bulkier items (such as lunch) within the back daypack … Continue reading Rapala Tactical Bag

Rapala Touch Screen Scale

The Rapala Touch Screen Scale adds ease and convenience to weighing and tracking your catch. The large digital scale is packed with features, yet intuitive in use. Displaying weight in lbs./oz., decimal lbs. or kg., easily record and determine the position of current catch in your weight total. Simply hang your catch from the heavy-duty … Continue reading Rapala Touch Screen Scale