BASS 2000

BASS 2000 Impoundment Techniques Move Towards the Next Century Text and photographs by Steve Morgan THE last year has seen a lot of change on the impoundments of south-east Queensland. Changing techniques, changing ideas about how fish behave and a fairly radical shift in tournament protocols; culminating in the much publicised south-east Queensland Bass Anglers … Continue reading BASS 2000


BASSIN’S A BUZZ Ripping spinnerbait through the shallows is often a great way to cash in when the light is low. by Steve Morgan Tim Morgan’s breath condensed in the dawn chill as he explained to me the technique. With a snap of the wrist, the lure traced a low trajectory and skidded to a … Continue reading BASSIN’S A BUZZ

Cullen Creels on Rising Maroon – Bass Electric

Twenty-one year old sawmill worker, Drew Cullen, easily topped a crowded leader-board to take out the fourth BASS Electric event for the season at Maroon Dam. Following significant late-week rains, anglers met a Maroon on the rise and mostly targeted bass flocking to the flooded shallows to feast. But, amongst 42 anglers weighing limits, Cullen’s … Continue reading Cullen Creels on Rising Maroon – Bass Electric